Picturesque Group Art Exhibition 05th January till 09th January,2018

Erum Khan

New Delhi : Works of various genres will be displayed at the show such as Abstracts, Landscapes, Prints, Realistic and Madhubani.

There is no particular theme for the show, works displayed will be reflections of  the souls of the artists who created them.
The aim behind these shows is to provide platform to the young talent and the youth artists Also to introduce and showcase unique and modern styles of working by the talented minds.
Curator : “I want to create an artist friendly environment through my shows and exhibitions, where each artist gets their own time to explain what they feel of art and why they make what they do, through dialogues and conversations. this is how i feel the value of art might grow in our country”.
There are more than 30 artists displaying at the show, namely :- Aditi Sood, Anop Lohani, Ashish Kumar,Atul Pandita,Ayushi Kapoor,Bhavna Sharma,Debjyoti Chakraborty,Dikshika Pradhan,Disha Syngal,Garima Gupta,Gautam Bose, Harpreet Deol,Dr.Janmejay Singh Somvanshi,Jyoti Bansal,Khushboo Gupta,Kuldeep Verma,Madhumita Dey,Mandeep Sandhu,Manjari Dwivedi,Mokshita Tanwar,Nipuna Ghosh,Puneet Kaur,Ritu Chauchan,Sankalp Sharma,Shaan,Shaoni Dasverma,Shashi Yadav,Shibani Kathuria,Shiva Kant Yadav, Shikha Meena,Shubhangi Jain,Surbhi Gupta,Tanuja Mathur, Vikas Arya,Manpreet Kaur,Hira Ahemad,Shubham Choudhry
Picturesque Group Art Exhibition 
05th January till 09th January,2018
Time : 11 am till 7 Pm
Curated by Chandni Gulati 
Artizen Art Gallery,Pearey Lal Bhawan,New Delhi 


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