Art Exhibition : 786 Group Art Exhibition

New Delhi  : Date of Inauguration : 2nd Nov, 2018 at 5.30 pm followed by evening tea.

Exhibition Starts : 3rd Nov – 8th Nov,2018
Time : 11 am till 7 pm 
Curated by Erum Khan
Venue : All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society,Rafi Marg, New Delhi ( Gallery : A) 
Participant Artists : Jyoti Singh,Vikas Arya, Arka Ghosh, Mohan Lal,Monika Singh Maurya, Pooja Anand,Hari Singh ,Rajani Agarwal,Ritika Dhingra,S Brahmi,Sabita Goel,Sulbha Joshi, Swati Sanil,Jyoti Saini Siddiqui,Chandra Kishore, Priyadarshi Gautam,Razi Khan,Neetu Singh
 Harjit Dhillon, Kajal,Abhiraj Gill.
786 is no ordinary number. The numeric representation of “Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim” in Arabic, the opening phase of the Holy Quran, represents acknowledgement to the merciful and benevolent divine spiritual power. To the  spiritually inclined, there is no better way to start the day or any new work, than to invoke the blessings of the Divine. The artist who is humble enough to attribute his success to God, the Supreme Creator and ask for His blessings is guaranteed true satisfaction and success in his/her creations. 
It is with this pure spiritual belief in invoking the blessings of God, acclaimed curator Ms Erum Khan is all set to present her new exhibition “786 and invites artists across the world to grace the exhibition with their divine creations. Ms Erum Khan has always been acutely sensitive towards the dreams of talented artists who often get ignored in the mainstream discourse but have the potential of becoming masters in times to come. She provides her professional services and platform for both established as well as upcoming talented artists to make a fresh new auspicious beginning to their careers.

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