New Generation Relationships By Abhishek Singh

By : Abhishek Singh 
Hello  Guys, It’s all about “What I Feel”.. Am not at all opposing what others feel or say.. Coz I say just what I feel..
New Generation Relationships.. From this I wanted to refer not to all the relationships but I only wanted to focus on those so called Love Relationships of a boyfriend and girlfriend.. There was a time when people used to respect Love so much that everyone used to think that betraying on someone is kind of big crime.. but nowadays, rarely the new generation youth and teens respect Love..
Day Before Yesterday : Love Started
Yesterday : Relationship Started
Today : Misunderstandings
Tomorrow : Break Up and lost trust in Love
Nowadays Love seems to be a Game of 4 days.. am not talking about everyone but these are actually those 70% cases which end up for No reason..  There was a time when if a person used to fall for a person or when two persons start a relationship, that relationship used to continue till the end or say till the last breath.. and now, A relationship starts, misunderstanding begins, things complicate which leads the relationship to dead end.. things gets worst when I see that one of them, who was actually truly in love gets in depression while the other simply gets in another relationship to ruin someone else’s life now.. This simply shows how worthy someone’s promise nowadays is..
It is quite easy to promise someone to be with them together forever, to be their better half, to be with them at every step in all ups and downs.. but dude, it’s equally difficult to complete these promises.. and if you know you can’t, then what’s the need of doing Fake Promises..?
And what about Trust..? It too breaks.. Trust Is The Base Of Every Relationship.. if the building demolishes then will we use that base again in which we constructed the building..? NO..
Not only there are only people who actually live to break relationships.. some of the people who actually are truly in love prove that Yes Love Exists..
If both of them don’t completely trust each other then they can’t think of a perfect relationship..!
Then..? Does Perfect Relationship actually exist..?!
And the answer is YES.. Where..? Look at your parents.. isn’t your relationship with them will remain forever..? Don’t you trust them blindly..? That’s the power of Love..
I want to end up with, “Why I said all this..? Coz I had experienced all this.. I too went through a break up but after being in depression for about a month I moved on just for myself.. coz I want to have a better future so that I can tell my parents to leave their jobs and just enjoy their life..”
By : Abhishek Singh

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