Sarhadein” International Art Exhibition 14th July -20th July,2017

“SARHADEN” International Group Art Exhibition is based on the border of our country and it is dedicated to Indian Army soldiers and martyrs.Through this exhibition we are trying to connect people and send a message of peace,love and unity all over the world.

We need your help & support to ‘Sarhadein’ International Art exhibition and to promote our artists. Especially artists from our country have made their paintings on the border of the country and the Indian army. The pain and pride of the Indian Army’s family have landed in color.

Erum Khan – as a curator – has been promoting arts and cultural activities for quite some time.This group of artist promoted by Ms Khan are young upcoming talents who are breaking traditional thoughts with contemporary vision and are all set to be the masters in the times to come.

Apart from different states of our country, international artists are also participating in this Art Exhibition.

Our aim is to enhance their creativity and bring it to the world, so that the hidden artists get an opportunity to speak their heart to this world of opportunities.

Earlier, Our Khushrang, Kabir & Rimjhim Art Exhibition was very successful, in which top corporate sector, businessmen, politicians, administrators, Delhi Women’s Commission members took part. Artists from all over the country were encouraged and equally rewarded with the awards. Apart from selling paintings, the artists got the proposal to create new paintings based on different corporate theme.

The main aim of “SARHADEIN” is to bring visibility & credibility to the works of deserving talented artists who have largely been overlooked within the mainstream discourse.

Participation Artists : Archanaa Panda, Manish Bahera,Tanu Mehta, Roop Chand,Apurva Kansara, Jyoti Singh,Saambhu Karmakar,Shilpi Nath Dey,Sushma Kumari and many more.

It is Erum Khan’s endeavor to provide a platform to the works of these upcoming artists and to promote it to general public at large & the art lovers specifically at prices that are reasonable and promotes the sustainance of these artists.

She is striving to represent a broad spectrum of visual, language, style & concepts for reaching out to arts community & beyond. It has always been her endeavor to increase awareness, understanding & appreciation of art forms among general public at large.

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