Solo Art Exhibition : “ALANKRIT” by Artist Archana Jha

Erum Khan

 “Alankrit”, a very beautiful word which is derived from a Hindi word “Alankar” which literally stands for jewellery but it is widely used to describe anything that enhances anyone’s beauty.

Total Work: 35 Paintings

Medium: Water Colour on Paper and Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.

Date: 5th January 2018 to 11th January 2018

Gallery: AIFACS, New Delhi

 Time: 5.00 PM

 Theme of the Exhibition: Women Empowerment

The most beautiful creation of god, one that is responsible for taking generation further. One who shoulders all responsibilities of the house and suppressing all her desires just to see her children smile or to make her better half happy. This exhibition is dedicated to all those women who could have done very great things for themselves and for the great country but they were fixed to the chains of responsibility and the burden of running the household chores. These powerful creations of the Almighty who were like sun, which incriminates the world with her majestic colours yet swallowing all the darkness this world has to offer.

Just like Black is a powerful color which absorbs all the other colors, similarly women too are powerful creations who despite numerous obstacles in their way are capable of absorbing all the negativities in life. Colors empower her to create a place in the society as a Woman.

Style: She has a sheer passion for Art and has created a number of exquisite paintings. She is best known for her experimentation with Madhubani and Gond Art. She has evolved a style of her own where feelings, emotions, intricacies and traditions of folk art are mixed with the current subject. She prefers working with acrylic color on stretched canvas. Every piece of her work has minute and intricate detailing which reflects the skill and multiple layering and patching on selective areas.

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